A polite notice

I made this polite notice for my exhibition Soft Living in Old Bond Street, in 1972!image

My Sculptures

Dandy fragment

This piece of comic was destined to poke out of the pocket of a school blazer, which never got made. Instead, I made a motorbike.


My Sculptures


This shop is named in a song from "Patience".

This shop is named in a song from “Patience”.

I painted this stylised name on a carrier bag, for a production of “Thespis” by Savoynet at the G&S Festival in Harrogate, August 2014.

My Sculptures

latest Ricard Ashtray

latest ricard ashtrayThe Ricard ashtray was one of my first sculptures, and its enduring popularity means that I’ve made so many more for people, I’ve actually lost count.

This one was commissioned my the curator of Leeds College of Art, to be in an exhibition there in November.

Exhibitions & Events

More SOFT exhibition

The Pick’n’Mix, Quilty Sweets and Smarties retro ad embroidery are all on display at the Mill, Walthamstow, until end of September 2014

My Sculptures

Softuki Motorbike

Harriet’s friend’s mum worked in a building society in Ilford, and asked if she had anything eye-catching to fill their shop window. 

At the time, she had been making themed clothes and had just made the velvet bikers jacket, but it wasn’t enough to fill the window, so she offered to make a motorbike to go with it !! It only took about 3 weeks to design and ‘build’, and was very irksome, as it got bigger and heavier during production. Harriet went to a local showroom with a tape-measure and took a few notes and sketches and a brochure, and built the motorbike from them.

It is made from satin, jumbo cord for the tyres, stuffed with Kapok, and joined up with hand stitches. The finer details (speedometer dials etc.) are hand embroidered, and the work is “signed and dated” by the artist in the number plate, “HPH 80V ” being the artists’s initials and the year and letter of manufacture. On the engine, has been embroidered “Made in Walthamstow”. The mileometer reading is Harriet’s birthday. Note the expression on the face of the passing cyclist in this picture


My Sculptures

Golden Syrup

Harriet has made a few Lyles Golden Syrup tins because she liked the design of them. In the same ‘genre’ are Marmite jars, Campbells soup tins (Andy Warhol inspired), Swan Vesta matchboxes and Gitanes cigarette packets. Size: 12 x 9 cm

Pictured item now Sold. However these or similar items can be commissioned.

Golden Syrup

My Sculptures

Love Hearts

love heartshand embroidered on cotton, these are in the Pic’n’Mix selection.

My Sculptures

Liquorice Allsofts

Embroidered bag, with felt sweets.Licorice Allsofts

My Sculptures

Quilty Sweets

All soft centers in this selection, made of satin and organza.


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