My Sculptures

Champagne explosion

Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre; organza, sequins and glass beads splash. Embroidered label. Cork included.
Size: 380 x 80mm. Price: £75.00

Champagne Burst

My Sculptures

Champagne Bottle

Made of satin stuffed with polyester fibre. Embroidered label, can be a customised label with your choice of name or dates. Ideal for a wedding or birthday present.
Size: 320 x 80mm. Price: £50


Exhibitions & Events


For the 2007 E17 Art Trail, Harriet filled the window of Penny Fielding’s “Beautiful Interiors” shop in Walthamstow with a site-specific installation, entitled “KEBAB(ISH)”. It certainly drew in the crowds.

It looked just like a real kebab shop, all the more surprising as the shop was in a very posh establishment in Walthamstow Village, and all the other eateries in the area are pretty up-market.

Kebabish Interior

A refrigerated food display made from foam rubber, organza, electric cable and clear plastic. 

Containers are made of satin and polyester fibre, containing embroidered organza cucumber and tomato slices, jalapeno peppers and shredded onions and red cabbage.
Kebabish Fridge

Kebabish Exterior

A chip-fryer made of satin and polyester fibre. The chip net is knitted wool, the chips are yellow fabric stuffed with polyester. The oil is made of gold coloured shiny material and the knobs are hand-sewn. You can see a bain-marie to one side and the grill on the other.

The complete installation is available for Hire.

Kebabish Chip Fryer

My Sculptures

The Beano

The Beano embroidery was done in the early 1970’s and is included in the book “European Illustration ’77 ’78 (edited by Edward Booth-Clibborn), and was exhibited with the other artists’ and illustrators’ work, at the Pompidou Centre in Paris – one of the first events to take place there.


My Sculptures

Biker’s jacket, front

velvet bikers jacket front

My Sculptures

Velvet Biker’s Jacket

Made of panne velvet and lined in satin. The studs are made of satin filled with foam rubber, satin buckles, chain crocheted in silver thread, appliqué badge, embroidered with the initials H.H. and the date of manufacture. 

Velvet bikers jacket backNot for sale.

My Sculptures

Fobwatch and chain

Embroidered satin watch appliquéed to a waistcoat, with gold thread chain embroidered.fobwatch and chain

My Sculptures

Tattooed garment

Made of silk jersey with hand-embroidered tattoos
on front and sleeves. Not for sale.

Tattooed garment

My Sculptures

Artist’s Smock

Made in cotton, size small, with appliqué palette and embroidered paints, pencils under net pockets. Price: £75.00

Artist's smock

My Sculptures

American Tourist’s Jacket

Small size, lined, with appliqué camera, maps and credit card. Price: £95.00

American Tourist jacket

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