My Sculptures

Softuki Motorbike

Harriet’s friend’s mum worked in a building society in Ilford, and asked if she had anything eye-catching to fill their shop window. 

At the time, she had been making themed clothes and had just made the velvet bikers jacket, but it wasn’t enough to fill the window, so she offered to make a motorbike to go with it !! It only took about 3 weeks to design and ‘build’, and was very irksome, as it got bigger and heavier during production. Harriet went to a local showroom with a tape-measure and took a few notes and sketches and a brochure, and built the motorbike from them.

It is made from satin, jumbo cord for the tyres, stuffed with Kapok, and joined up with hand stitches. The finer details (speedometer dials etc.) are hand embroidered, and the work is “signed and dated” by the artist in the number plate, “HPH 80V ” being the artists’s initials and the year and letter of manufacture. On the engine, has been embroidered “Made in Walthamstow”. The mileometer reading is Harriet’s birthday. Note the expression on the face of the passing cyclist in this picture